America’s most popular classic car of all times – Mustang

America’s most popular classic car of all times – Mustang

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If you are looking for the typical American car with sporty look – Ford mustang is the car for you. It is one of the most popular classic cars. Its appearance is interesting and exciting. Speaking about performance – it is definitely not a race car.

We know it as Ford Mustang first generation. Therefore, the model is produced between 1964 and 1973. The design varied over time and finally they decided to fit into the compact car segment, making the convertible version.

Similar to the Chevrolet, each revision included upgraded engine power and overall dimensions.

As a drawback, Ford combined all the typical features the regular cars already had. They had a chance to make the Mustang unique, but they stick to the compatible design and sport looking exterior.

Car Front Mustang

But how did the mustang become everyone’s favorite? There is clearly something about the design that is never getting old. At the public introduction in New York, Ford Mustang attracted the stunning number of 680 989 buyers. This also sets the record for the most first-year sales of any new model. Even nowadays top selling cars cannot reach such interest. For example, the top selling car in 2008, Toyota Camry reached just 436 616 buyers.

When we speak about the first generation, we cannot link it to unique performance or engine so its clearly all about the design. Ford Mustang is sporty but still not anything extravagant or basic. That makes it the most universal design. We can imagine seeing the Mustang at a spot’s car event, collector car events and even at some luxurious ones. When we speak luxurious, we are not kidding. The car was owned by many celebrities such as the baseball star Reggie Jackson, Jay Leno, Cher and even the president Bill Clinton.

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But let’s get back to the story of one of the worlds best car designs and without the shadow of doubt a very popular classic car. It all began with a competition set within Ford for making the best design for the Mustnag. Every department had to send a design that is sporty but still personal. ‎Gale Halderman is the person who drew the winning design. One late night he was working on it when he realized he designed the “everyone’s favourite car”.

Even though the general public loved Ford Mustang, the experts were a bit sceptical because under the unique and sporty design there was a humble Ford Falcon.

That’s why there were new versions built later like Shelby’s Mustang “GT-350” that had modified 306 horsepower version with better suspension, better steering and special high-speed brakes.

Ford mustang interior

The reason Ford Mustang was a huge success back in the days is all good news to us because of its not unique structure and mass production, it is one of the most affordable and popular classic cars. 

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