Advantages and disadvantages of driving old school cars

Advantages and disadvantages of driving old school cars

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Nowadays more and more people are tempting to buy a brand new car because of the majority of facilities they have. But let’s have a look at the opposite side. Is having an old school car popular and what are the pros and cons of owning one?


To begin with, let’s state the advantages of being a owner of an old school car. Classic cars’ appearance may not really fit in the modern concept, but they definitely have something that modern cars don’t.  This is the unique style and character. Not many people can show off with an outstanding old-school car.

Additionally, the emotional appeal of an old school car is priceless. Owning one may be a key to memories from your past. It could be the car you admired when you were younger or the car on which backseats you spent your childhood with your family.

Lastly, but not least is the fact that unlike brand-new cars, the value of old-school cars never fades. Even if 30 more years pass, the attention to classic cars will be the same or even higher.


However, cons are also important as we talk about classic cars.
Firstly, maintenance expenses are too high because it is either difficult to find car parts or a mechanic that would be able to repair the car. Having that high costs of maintenance and a high initial price for it, the expenses become quite a lot.

Secondly, facilities available in brand-new cars are missing as regards old-school cars. Safety is also in that list. Many classic cars are produced before seat belts were invented, either restraint systems or airbag. Another pitfall could be the air pollution. The classic cars are usually runned by a high-octane fuel which over the years has been decreased in use. Although fueling your car with a lower-octane one is also possible, the car may just not run that well. Modern cars have been developed and now they eliminate the emission of toxic fumes while old-school cars are not able to do it and this leads to a larger amount of exhaust fumes in the air. Learn more about how to keep your classic car safe here.
Finally, classic cars need a lot of care, maintenance and effort in order to be appealing.


In conclusion, owning a classic car has its benefits and drawbacks and everyone can decide on his own whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages or not.


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