Have you ever thought about classic car safety?

Have you ever thought about classic car safety?

classic car safety

Beyond the shadow of doubt, owning a classic car is a privilege and nothing can compare to this typical rumble of the engine, the glossy and sleek paint. However, we sometimes underestimate the fact that classic cars are still old vehicles and many of the safety technologies and systems did not exist back then. In this article we are going to give you some tips on how to improve your classic car safety.

When we say “classic car safety”, many things come to mind. One of the aspects is the safety of the driver and this is what we already mentioned. So lets talk about classic car safety. This is probably the first safety concern as many old-timers don’t even have airbags, automatic braking systems etc. The next classic car safety aspect is about keeping your car safe. First, you would want to consider making some improvements in order to preserve the car better. This includes painting it with UV protective layer and taking care of the rubber parts so moisture will not get in and ruin the interior. Next issue comes with the absence of car alarms and the vulnerable locks.

3-point seatbelt

According the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, safety belts has saved more than 255 thousand lives in the USA alone. Some people are surprised that most old-timers produced before 1964 do not come with a seat belt. This is a well-known fact and you have to think of a solution if you plan to buy a car without this classic car safety feature. Not only it is illegal to drive without a safety belt in many countries but also it may save your life.


classic car safety disc brakes

ABS is a vital feature of new cars and one of the most important features when it comes to classic car safety. It will control the brakes automatically so they don’t lock in place which will result in a totally uncontrollable vehicle. When it comes to classic car safety, brakes are probably the second thing that comes to mind and actually one of the most important in controlling a car. They must be extremely reliable. One solution would be to change your old drum brakes to new disc ones. For some vehicles you may also consider installing a bigger brake master cylinder from a newer model. This is probably the first upgrade you need to do regarding classic car safety.


Tires went through a lot of improvements as well. The tires used in classic cars are not reliable in terms of ability to steer, stop and turn. They wear out quickly and, in the winter, it gets even more dangerous. Some manufacturers even produce vintage-looking tires so you won’t have to choose between classic car safety or beautiful exterior. It is important to mention that cars produced before 1975 may not be suitable with new tires so you may need to change the wheels.


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