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The Supercars of Lewis Hamilton, F1's biggest star

LH44 F1 car mercedes

We all know about the cars F1 drivers drive on track, we can see them almost every weekend. But what about the cars in their garages, the ones that people don’t see so often? It might not come as a surprise that in their daily life, F1 drivers own a lot of very special and rare car models. Especially Lewis Hamilton has a stunning collection. In fact, his garage must look like a small museum. That’s why we picked the cars he owns that, in our opinion, stand out the most.


McLaren P1

Lewis Hamilton is a 6 time world champion, and with his flashy outfits and outspoken character, he is hard to miss during any F1 weekend. A supercar almost feels like a must have for a star like him. The first car he’s known to own is the McLaren P1. Only around 375 units of this car were produced. The car can reach a top speed of 350kph and has around 920 horsepower. It’s considered one of the three big hypercars, part of the ‘holy trinity’, together with the Porsche 918 and Ferrari LaFerrari. 

Hamilton has regularly been seen with the car, driving it in Monaco and before that, taking delivery of it in 2015. It surely is one of the most outstanding cars in his garage. 




McLaren P1

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Pagani Zonda 760LH

As the name already suggests, the Pagani Zonda 760LH was built on request for Lewis Hamilton himself. It’s similar to the 760RS built for another customer, but instead has a manual gearbox. Just like other 760 models of the Zonda it has a 7.3 litre engine with a power output of 750hp. Surely it is a beast on track too, although it doesn’t get close to the F1 cars Hamilton drives to get another podium. To get a better look at the specific spec of the car, click the following link.

It was supposedly involved in a crash in Monaco in 2015, but the latest reports say that the car is still in possession of Hamilton. Last news about it confirmed he repaired the damage to it and it is now fully restored again. So, if he ever wants to take it for a spin around the track or a cruise through Monaco, he can do so feeling secure. 

Pagani Zonda

Ferrari LaFerrari

The last car we will discuss, and our personal favourite, is the Ferrari LaFerrari. Seen by many as the ultimate Ferrari every built, it is truly a piece of art to look at. Even though Hamilton drives for Mercedes, he couldn’t resist adding a car from their biggest competitor to his fleet. It wasn’t his first Ferrari though, a 599GTO is also known to have been in his ownership. 

He probably owned more, as only the most loyal Ferrari customers were granted a slot for buying the hypercar limited to 499 production models. Now we can’t imagine he has bought and owned that many Ferrari’s to be considered one of their most loyal customers. However, for a star like Lewis Hamilton, Ferrari surely made an exception. After all, your biggest competitor in F1 owning one of your cars surely is good marketing right…

Ferrari Laferrari