Throwback to 100% Auto Live 2019

Throwback to 100% Auto Live 2019

Throwback to 100% AutoLive

From the 11th until the 13th of October, the 100% Auto Live event was again held in Ahoy Rotterdam. The show again featured a great variety in cars. Anything from tuned Honda’s to rare Lamborghini’s were on display to be admired. In this blog we will give you a throwback to 100% Auto Live 2019.

The first thing that stood out before even entering the halls of Ahoy was the crowd. Both young and old people came to the event. This immediately shows that 100% Auto Live has something for every type of car fan, no matter what age or interest. In the first hall, the main theme was tuning. There were some tuned sportscars and supercars, for example Ford Mustangs and an Audi R8.

However, a large portion of the tuned cars consisted of quite normal cars converted into something special. Honda proved to be a popular brand for tuners. However, the Toyota Supra and Nissan Skyline were also present with multiple generations of the cars on display.

Throwback to 100% AutoLive
(Lineup of tuned cars )

Because of the wide range of cars on display, the event really stood out from other events. Opposed to many events focusing on a specific type of car, 100% Auto Live facilitated many types. One hall for example was focused on tuning, while another hall mainly displayed American muscle cars.

The highlight of the show consisted of the car catwalk in the biggest hall. The main idea behind this car catwalk was showing off the most special cars of the show. This for example included a McLaren Senna and a very loud Ferrari. The catwalk got a lot of attention from the public. It’s awesome to see and hear the cars revving their engines.

One thing that was a little confusing was the layout of the show. There were no clear signs to show visitors which hall was were. The Amsterdam Motorshow held earlier this year did a better job at this. The layout of the halls itself was also a bit chaotic. Sometimes it was hard to get through the crowd or get a clear idea what the theme of that hall was. However, these little details didn’t spoil the experience and there was still plenty to enjoy.

Overall, the conclusion can be made that 100% Auto Live was a success. The visitor count was high and the public greatly enjoy themselves. If the organization continues like this, there’ll surely be another great show next year.

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