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LH44 F1 car mercedes

Lewis Hamiltons Cars

The Supercars of Lewis Hamilton, F1’s biggest star We all know about the cars F1 drivers drive on track, we can see them almost every weekend. But what about the cars in their garages, the ones that people don’t see so often? It might not come as a surprise that in their daily life, F1…
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Porsche GT3RS

Porsche Gelderland Visit

A visit to Porsche Centrum Gelderland: Heaven for every Porsche supercar enthusiast! Last week, we made a visit to Porsche Centrum Gelderland in Heeteren. Being one of the biggest Porsche Centres in the Netherlands, it offers an enormous range of special Porsche supercars. Expectations were high before going there, and it surely wasn’t disappointing! In this…
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