What is the fastest car in the world?

What is the fastest car in the world?

Koenigsegg Lineup

For decades, high end car manufacturers have battled to create the car with the highest top speed. Jaguar had the XJ220, McLaren the F1 and maybe the most well known example was Bugatti with the Veyron. But which model is currently the fastest car in the world? We take a look at the companies competing with each other to claim this title.


Koenigsegg Lineup
Lineup of Koenigsegg models

Koenigsegg is a relatively small car manufacturer from Sweden, specializing in building extreme hypercars. Since the company was created they’ve set many records. If you’re even slightly into fast cars you’ve probably heard of their attempts to get the fastest 0-400-0 km/h time for any production car ever made. Previously they set this record with the Agera RS, beating Bugatti. Now, they even improved that record with their Regera hypercar. To check out the record attempt click on this link.

However, while they may have set a lot of records, they currently don’t hold the record of producing the fastest road car. While they claim the new Koenigsegg Jesko is the new fastest car, they haven’t proven this yet. Their current record is 457.054 km/h (284 mp/h) with the Agera RS! Set in 2017, this record stood until recently. So what is the fastest car? Keep reading to find out!


Double Bugatti Veyron
A couple of Bugatti Veyron’s, the previous record holder

Then there is Bugatti. They have already set the world record for fastest production car multiple times, and with the Chiron they’re again trying to claim this title. They have significantly more financial capabilities compared to Koenigsegg, as Bugatti is owned by the VW Group. This makes it even more amazing that Koenigsegg is putting up a serious fight for the world record.

In the past their Veyron SS set the record, but that seems like an eternity ago now. Since that record was broken a lot has changed. Many companies like Koenigsegg have claimed to produce the fastest road legal car, with another small company called Hennesey also taking the record for a short period of time. The American company was then soon beaten by the Agera RS but this shows that Bugatti surely faces some fierce competition.

Not long ago a new record was set by Bugatti which blew everyone’s mind. This record again changed the answer to the question: what is the fastest car in the world? It turns out to be the Bugatti Chiron SS 300+! This is a special performance focussed model of the normal Chiron. The top speed of this car is 490.484 kp/h, or 304.77 mp/h! More than 300 mp/h as the name suggests! Bugatti worked on the record attempt for months or even years. Special tires had to be developed because otherwise they’d blow under pressure. This gives an indication of the immense forces that are involved with such enormous speeds.


With Koenigegg claiming to soon set a new attempt, we can be all but sure that the record won’t be broken again very soon. However, for now Bugatti are the kings of top speed. Even if their title gets taken they’ll surely try to take it back again. In the meantime, you can check out the video of the record run here.

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