Tesla Model 3 Performance, Safety & New Features

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Tesla Model 3 Performance, Safety & Features


Tesla Model 3 is the second all-electric vehicle to receive the Top Safety Pick+Award  from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. 

This all electric car earned top ratings in all five of the in all five of the Institute’s crash tests. However, this is not the only impressive thing about the new Tesla Model 3.


Tesla Model 3 Road

1. General Overview

Tesla Model 3 is available in three options: the single motor car which is rear-wheel drive and the dual motor car with all-wheel drive. The following table represents the performance indicators per each Tesla Model.




Range (miles)

0-60 accel, (sec)

Top speed(mph)

Model 3 Standard Range Plus

Single motor, rear-wheel drive




Model 3 Long Range

Dual motor, all-wheel drive




Model 3 Performance

Dual motor, all-wheel drive




The dual motor car comes with a longer-range battery, allowing it to go 350 miles on one battery charge. Furthermore, the Tesla Model 3 has the quickest acceleration, as it can go from zero to 60 mph in as little as 3.2 seconds.

The Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive has two independent motors that digitally instantly control the front and rear wheels, therefore, assuring a comfortable and easy drive during all seasons. In addition, you can drive on each of the motors, therefore, this allows you to travel more without recharging your the Tesla Model 3.

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2. Safety System

Above all, one of the best qualities of the new Tesla Model 3 is safety. The car’s metal structure is made of aluminium and steel, which gives the car a rigid structure and impact protection.

The Tesla car achieved a NHTSA 5 star safety rating in every category and subcategory  because of its absorbent crash structure and special design.

The new Tesla can include Regular Autopilot or Full Self Driving Autopilot. Furthermore, both of the autopilots enable your car to take actions like acceleration and steering automatically

Tesla Model 3 Front

3. Autopilot Benefits

Above all, the new Full Self Driving Autopilot was designed to ease the driving experience of the customers. For instance, the Full-Self Driving Autopilot feature will allow you to:

  • Navigate on Autopilot: The car drives automatically from highway on-ramp to off-ramp. It automatically engages with the turn signals, takes the correct exit.
  • Auto Lane Change: The car changes the lanes automatically while driving.
  • Autopark: The car can be parked automatically both parallel or perpendicular.
  • Summon: The car can be moved automatically just by using mobile app or key.

Tesla Model 3 Conclusion

In conclusion, the new Model 3 is one of the best and most searched electric cars. Therefore, it takes driving on another level. The design and autopilot features and good materials assure a high level of safety for you and your family. In addition, the dual motor allows you to have more battery life, and longer trips without charging. This model is both fast and safe and is definitely worth to be explored. If you are interested in other powerful electric cars, check out this page.